Kitec Plumbing System Settlement
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The deadline for filing claims was January 9, 2020. Claims are still being received, but any claims postmarked after January 9, 2020 may or may not be accepted for approval. This will be determined by the courts at a later date.

Does your home or other building contain Kitec plumbing products?

You could get money from a US$125 million settlement. Download your claim online. Deadline for submitting a claim is January 9, 2020.



If you would prefer to receive a hard-copy claim form by mail, please complete the form on the right.

The settlement applies to persons in the United States or Canada whose home or other building contains Kitec plumbing products, as well as any person entitled to claim on behalf of such persons. Click here for the exact details on who can file a claim.




Claim Forms are available online here. If you want to receive a hard-copy Claim Form, please register below and a Claim Form will be mailed to you: